Young People & Anxiety: 3 Day Mini Course

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Young People & Anxiety: 3 Day Mini Course

3 Days of Videos, starting on 22nd April 2024!

So often you will hear parents saying that being a parent is the hardest and yet most wonderful job in the world and there is certainly some truth in this in my experience.

What causes it to be difficult?

Usually most things will fall back on something we are worried about, something that we see as needing fixing, or seeing our children as suffering, and we want to take it away! Anxiety is one of the common areas that parents want to avoid or worry most over if their children are showing signs of anxiety.

We all as humans experience anxiety but it's not supposed to be so debilitating that it stops us living and enjoying life, and this doesn't need to be this way.

My experience of parenting has completely changed since my understanding of the principles that I will share in this mini course. It took me to see my own resilience and increase my own understanding for me to see this more in my children.

During this mini course I will share The Three Principles and how they relate to anxiety for all the family.

I will also share ways that you can support your family in the nest way possible during difficult times, whilst keeping your own sanity and having more peace of mind when navigating the many stages of parenting and life!

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