Why do we feel the way we do?

Why do our thoughts make us feel physically ill?

Why do we self sabotage?

Get access to this fabulous session to help you to begin to understand how we as humans work, and where our anxiety and anxious thoughts come from.

1 hour recorded session plus 2 Bonus Q&A recordings

In this one hour video from Sarie, you will begin to understand the root of anxious thinking and why our bodies and minds react the way they do as Sarie introduces the Three Principles.

This is the same approach that changed Sarie's life and she now shares with her 1-2-1 clients and members in The Membership.

This session is CPD Accredited

This means that you can be rest assured that the content has been checked by an independent assessor, who believes that the session has been created with integrity and at a standard that benefits you in your continuous professional development in the field of well-being.

For Professionals: This Session plus the Bonus Q&A sessions contribute 2 hours to your CPD

I watched the lesson Wednesday, and I have to say that it has truly made the biggest impact on my three principles journey ever since I started learning back in February. Thanks to you and my wisdom, I've had the most calm couple of days.

Especially on the Q&A section, it was so comforting to hear how other people have had the same concerns as me, and how you give us such hope to getting better.. I believe it now. 

I realized I don't "have" to worry.. I don't need to ruminate on my intrusive thoughts.. I'm learning they don't mean anything about me, and I've proved to myself that I'm capable of letting them go little by little, and noticing I get lighter and have new fresh thoughts every minute. My perspective is changing and I'm so thankful! 

I'm definitely joining The Membership! Can't wait to talk to you there! Truly thank you for all that you share, your wonderful insights have changed my life!

-Anonymous - September 2023


clients & members


Increase Your Awareness to Access More Peace and Calm 

In this session, Sarie covers our physical symptoms, fears and phobias, overwhelm and stress, self sabotage and self love and sharing why a basic understanding of what our brains were built to do can help you change the way you think and feel.


Learn why we experience stress and overwhelm, even if you're not an "anxious" person.


Understand our innate wellbeing and allow our human nature to do what it was built for!

"Thank you. You’re incredibly insightful and so relatable, I feel like someone finally understands my muddled mind!"  

Anonymous - September 2022


Don't waste any more time without a healthy mind.

Get to grips with the thoughts and feelings behind overwhelm and anxiety so that you can begin to understand and reduce these to allow you more freedom from your mind. 

Anxious or Overwhelmed?

This session will help you understand how to begin to reduce those feelings of anxiety and overwhelm

Supporting someone with anxiety?

Begin to understand where that anxiety is coming from and how you can help those you love.

Counsellor or therapist?

Join us to better understand anxiety to help and support your clients with a new approach.

Not an anxious person?

Everyone gets stressed or overwhelmed from time to time. Learn how to reduce those feelings and keep them at bay.

Not where you want to be in your life yet?

We'll talk about self love and self sabotage to help you begin to understand the path to living your best life.

"Last night was great and it was lovely to see you. I love that even now, this far into your journey with the 3 principles you are happy to share how you need to check yourself sometimes! Especially after baba too and the insights the experience has brought."  

Anonymous - September 2022

I'm Sarie Taylor

I am your Perfectly Imperfect Mind Mentor, trained psychotherapist, as well as training in additional areas such as CBT, DBT, NLP, hypno, and more recently over the last 10 years a specialist anxiety coach. 

I spent the first part of my career in the corporate world working in a variety of sales roles, finishing up running a division of a recruitment agency. I then embarked on the next part of my career training as a psychotherapist, whilst also working on a variety of projects in the criminal justice service, probation and prisons. You could say I had a varied career until I found my purpose and passion, exactly where I am now! 



Hear from others who's watched the session!

  •  I really enjoyed the session last night, thank you so much for sharing.I found the whole thing really enlightening and the info will really help me. I have been having CBT/Compassion therapy for the past three months and am keen to keep learning.I love that you are doing this to help others and I too from my own experience hope to help, I have told all my friends about you already!! 


    Attended Live Clarity Call

  • Thank you so much for the call yesterday, I found it really enlightening and for the first time (after many years of therapy), so much of what you said actually made sense to me and really resonated with my own experiences with anxiety. When I woke this morning and felt that overwhelming rush of anxiety I felt more at ease with it, and I used your taxi analogy when my rush of ‘what if’ thoughts started.

    Thanks again for being so relatable yesterday, it was reassuring to hear your own experiences and how you’ve overcome them.


    Attended Live Clarity Call

  • Thank you for last night I found it both interesting and useful. So much so that I signed up to your membership and have downloaded the App on my phone. I have already explored the app and started listening to a recording where you cover the 3 principles again.


    Attended Live Clarity Call

  • Thanks so much I found the recording really interesting and read the whole

    of your book straight away as really resonated with me. All extremely
    helpful for me. Thanks for sharing everything you've experienced - it has
    been comforting to me in a huge way...working on my overwhelming thoughts



    Attended Live Clarity Call

  • Thank you so much Sarie for this. It has most certainly changed my perception around my own anxiety and lack of self compassion and hope to continue exploring around these 3 principles


    Attended Live Clarity Call

  • I have just started watching the replay and enjoying it already! I have been in the membership a few months now and listening to this call from last night makes me realise how far I have come since then and I’m so glad I joined. I don’t make many live calls or ask many questions as I find when I do have a question it’s answered through just listening to the calls back as I do most days when working from home.

    Just wanted to say a big thank you for all your help and hard work!


    Attended Live Clarity Call

  • I couldn’t attend the live session, but really enjoyed the video, it makes
    so much sense. Good tips to put into practice when I start to overthink -

    thank you


    Attended Live Clarity Call

  • Thanks I found it helpful to refresh on what was happening when anxiety kicks in and how to reframe the thinking about it. I still feel I need to explore further ways to deal with anxiety when it does start especially in reference to dealing with the menopause.


    Attended Live Clarity Call

Yes Please, I Want To Access This!
Thank you so much Sarie - I got so much from the Clarity Call lots of

things I could resonate with. And the Q&A's were really helpful makes you
realise your not alone & that we are human - allowing ourselves to feel or
think things is natural it's about what we do with those thoughts &

Anonymous - September 2022