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Step out of your head and in to your life.

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Anxious about getting Anxious?

We are going to explore and understand this vicious cycle. This awareness will help reduce the fear of the human experience, and so you will find that you just don't feed the cycle in the same way! 

A perfectly good system!

You will start to understand that the human system is ALWAYS working in our favour. Often we are innocently misusing the system, but awareness of this means we are much less likely to set it off in the first place.

Peace of mind is always available!

You are forever being guided by your own wisdom, its pointing you in the direction of more peace of mind. We are much more likely to hear this with a quieter mind, and accessing that quieter mind may be simpler than you currently imagine! Let us show you!

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Wow! Just wow! I have just completed your 8-week course, as an already qualified cbt hypnotherapist and it truly exceeded all expectations!

From the minute I started with your free course, then decided to invest in the 8 week course, I never expected to learn and absorb as much as I did! The information I have learnt will not only benefit my clients, but also myself!  You deliver your lessons in such an easy way to understand your friendly approachable manner is a tonic and just makes the learning easy!

What a joy it has been! 8 weeks of clear, concise, helpful information which will change my life forever! 

Thank you SO much! I can’t wait to learn more! 

- Jessica, August 2023.

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Do your thoughts and feelings hold you back from experiencing daily joy and peace?

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Do you support someone else who suffers from anxiety, depression, panic attacks or getting stuck in their thoughts?

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Are you a therapist or coach working professionally to support people who come to you for help to escape from the crippling thoughts and anxiety they're experiencing?

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I will show you how to reduce your anxiety and live more freely away from

💛 your intrusive thoughts causing you anxiety

💛the imposter syndrome

💛the "what if's" of life

💛the fear of the physical symptoms

💛the constant "what is wrong with me" question

💛feeling like you're the only one

💛the worry, the overthinking and the stress.

I will show you how to embrace what it means to be human.

You are, after all, only human.

 "Understanding the lizard brain, the link to physical symptoms and fuelling the adrenaline has been very useful to me. I have a few health problems but nothing I can’t live with now I understand what has been happening to my body! I have followed you for a while on Instagram and watched the live with the hormone doc. I feel I have learnt so much and can now reason and accept everything so much better."

- Anonymous, Jan 2023.


Without the fear, it's just an experience

When we see the true nature of being human, not only do we find we become much more patient, kind and loving to ourselves, but it takes the fear out of the human experience.

Reduce the overwhelm
Re-discover your innate wellbeing. Everything you need is inside you - I will show you how to access it.
Find peace and Joy Again

Step out of your head and back in to your life - enjoy being a human with ease and wonder again.

Thank you again, I hope you realise how much help you are giving to people and how appreciated you are.

-Anonymous, January 2023

How Does It Work?

I will show you how to love your life again, free from overwhelming anxiety and worry.

This eight week course gives you lifetime access to the content you receive, so you can come back to it time and time again.

8 Weeks of Modules

Delivered weekly over 8 weeks, access videos online with your own private log in to access your content area.

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Included in your course, you'll get access to our weekly group Anxiety Clinic for 8 weeks to ask questions.

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Sarie was recommended to us by a friend, and once we had an initial chat, we signed up to an 8 week course. The impact it had for our daughter was almost immediate, and despite still havin gsome levels of anxiety, she was soon able to start coping in situations she had previously found too stressful... Sarie's sessions were engaging and she knows how to speak to young people "on their level". We couldn't recommend Sarie more highly to any family going through similar issues.

-Anonymous, December 2022

Introducing the 8 Modules

This course is built up of 8 modules. Here's what we'll cover together over the eight weeks:


What actually is anxiety?   

In this module we will look at anxiety and what it is, covering some of the misconceptions and many myths also out there about anxiety..

I share some of my personal experience, as well as what I have also seen and heard from the 1000s of people I've worked with over the years.

We will also look at what we mean by an open mind, and how we can explore and listen with an open mind?

We will also explore what is meant by an insight, why they are important, and how do we go about getting them?


Panic and Fear

In this module we will look at panic & fear and what happens when we go into fight or flight. Understanding what is happening and that everything is working very much in our favour, can make a huge difference to us when we are struggling.

We will look at what happens in our bodies when we panic or feel fear in any way.

We will look at the physical symptoms attached to the experience, and how the adrenaline makes us feel when in our bodies. Understanding the discomfort can reduce the fear attached to this cycle.

We look at what happens when we get stuck in a cycle of overthinking, and when we resist and fight against this experience, and how we can change that.

We explore the three ‘U’s’ - Uncertainty, Unpredictability and the Unknown.


The True Nature of Thought

In this module we will look at Thought and the true nature of it.

This may seem obvious, but actually more often than not, when someone is suffering, it’s due to the fact that they do not see thought for what it really is.

Thought is a gift, but it can also be a way that we create an uncomfortable experience for ourselves, until we understand more about how it works and that the thoughts that we bring to life create our reality, and therefore we are only ever in the feeling of our thoughts.

We will look at intrusive and obsessive thoughts in this module, what do they say about us as human beings?

We will touch upon trauma and how we can look towards the future despite memories and thoughts about the past.

We will talk about OCD as a diagnosis.


Feelings and Consciousness  

In this module we will look at how our level of consciousness, state of mind or mood impacts the quality of our thinking.

We will learn about and explore the love letters that our physical being sends to us to alert us to exactly what we need in any given moment.

We will look at the idea of healing and what that may look like.

We will look at the natural ebb and flow of emotions, and how they then impact the choices and the behaviour that we respond with, resulting in our own version of reality.


Stories, Labels and Sleep

In this module we will look at the stories and labels we place on ourselves. We can end up telling ourselves these stories so often that we really begin to believe they are true and as a result they can become limiting in our lives. Sarie was diagnosed with a number of things including generalised anxiety disorder, panic disorder and depression and now sees this all very differently and wouldn’t describe herself as having any of these, and hasn’t for well over ten years now.

We will look at how we create these stories and why they may become limiting.

We talk about diagnosis and whether it can be helpful or not.

We will also look at the stories we have about ourselves and then how this links to us also worrying about what others think of us too!

We will also cover sleep in this module as it is something that we can also often have stories about, whether we are a good sleeper or not, how much we need and so on.



In this module we will look at habits and also how we go about changing them, it may be much simpler than you think! We will explore the element of reward seeking in habits and how it may be useful to understand what they are in order to create new more healthy and positive habits instead.

We will look at hypervigilance, the. Heightened state that we may find ourselves constantly assessing and problem solving potential perceived threats.

We will also look at how all of this links in to human beings and their need and drive for survival.


Health Anxiety and Fear  

In this module we will look at fear in general and what drives this. This will include talking about some common and not s common phobias.

We will look at how we may find ourselves in a cycle of fear, anxious about getting anxious?

We will look at health anxiety and what it may be useful to consider in order to give you a very different perspective on this.

We will also look briefly at hormones and they also play a part in all of the above.


Compassion and Connection  

In this module we will look at love and compassion.

We will also look at comparing yourself to others and the commonly termed imposter syndrome.

We will consider why so many people start to feel better and then worrying about a relapse of anxiety and overwhelm and how this is unhelpful and feeds the anxiety.

I really enjoyed having a slow feed of information as I normally overload and don't actually get anything from the content so it was good to really listen in. It was easy to digest and I liked checking in on the live calls every week to keep me going! I've joined The Membership to keep learning more! 

- A.P August 2023.

You have access  to so much more peace of mind, contentment and satisfaction than you may realise.

Can you stand in front of a mirror and tell yourself "I love you"?

Having worked with thousands of clients, we have seen a direct link between anxiety and our feelings, and the lack of compassion we show ourselves.

So many of us struggle to show ourselves the same compassion and consideration we show others.

I'm going to help you change that.

Let's Get Started!
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In the live sessions, can I stay anonymous?

Yes you can! The sessions are held on Zoom. You can email me any questions you have before hand, or send them in the chat directly to me. You do not have to have your video/sound on. You can remain completely anonymous if you choose to.

What if I fall behind in the 8 weeks?

Each module will be released to you over the eight week period. You don't have to keep time with the modules, you can work through them in your own time. They're yours to keep once they've been released. 8 weeks is the suggested time to work through it in but do what works for you. You'll only have access to the live sessions for 8 weeks as part of this course, so I'd encourage you to get through what you can to make the most of the live Q&As, but there will be other options available to you if you'd like to continue the live Q&As for longer.

How do I continue to learn after the course is finished?

The conversations never end. Continuous learning and exploration of the topics we cover is highly recommended. Once you have the understanding I've shared with you through the 8 week course, you can go on to discover more yourself, or join us in The Membership where we continue these conversations on a weekly basis.

Is this course aimed at women?

No, it's for every human.

I'm a therapist, can I do this course to help me support my clients better??

Yes! And this course is CPD accredited - even better!

I don't suffer from anxiety, but my friend/family member does. Will this course help me to help them?

Yes! Many people I've worked with over the years come to me because they want to support someone else in a better way. This course will help you understand the struggles your loved one is facing and show you how to support them and help them to understand too. This course will help you to support them.

Is this course suitable for children and teens?

Yes, it's absolutely suitable for every person, adults and children. Young and old and everyone in between.

This course is CPD accredited

Which means you can use the 24 hours involved in this course over the 8 week period as part of your accumulation of CPD hours if you are a professional working to support others.

The CPD Certification Service was established in 1996, and is the world's leading and largest independent CPD accreditation institution operating across all industry sectors. The CPD Certification Service provides support, advice and recognised independent CPD accreditation to support the Continuing Professional Development obligations and policies of professional bodies and academic institutes.

A certificate will be issued on request after completion of this course. If you would like more information about CPD and what this means, you can find this at


I’m Sarie Taylor, Founder of Worldwide Well-Being.  I am a Three Principles global practitioner, and although I'm a trained coach psychotherapist with all the qualifications that goes along with that, I no longer offer traditional therapy. Instead, I share the Three Principles that changed my own life and specialise in helping others to understand and reduce their anxiety and overthinking.

You no longer have to over-complicate things and stay stuck - Don't waste any more time without a healthy mind!

If you suffer with ANXIETY, OVERTHINK everything, or simply know you are not LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE, then you have come to the right place!

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