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This CPD certified course is a 6 month programme for coaches, therapists, counsellors, trainers, managers and educators OR those who would simply love to learn more with us for the next six months! 

So often we can find ourselves burnout as we try and support others, we are going to show you how to have the faith and belief in yourself, to enable you to also support others with more ease. 

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If you do not prioritise yourself, you may struggle to be present for others.

A lot of us in the business of supporting or encouraging the best out of others can burnout, and that doesn’t need to be the case. Understanding what it means to be human and exploring The Three Principles, means we are often able to navigate the natural ebbs and flows of life with more ease and simplicity.

Sarie and Aaron are here to show you that with understanding comes less fear, less feeling stuck, and that you can also access more creativity, productivity and contentment.

As humans we can often misunderstand or get caught up in our own reality and perspective of ourselves and others. We are certainly not aiming for perfection (does it even exist?) but we are looking to get the most out of this experience we call life, and really opening the door to so many wonderful opportunities that life has for us.


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 "As a therapist, it’s important to keep on top of my continual professional development, and when I came across Sarie’s ‘Me before you’ course I decided to learn something that was outside of my normal therapeutic practice. It did not disappoint, particularly because Sarie is so relatable and articulates the three principles in such a simple, but profound way. The things I learned on the course have really helped my clients, myself, and my family. I would highly recommend this to anyone helping others, or even for your own well-being. Sarie is a wonderful mentor."

Anonymous - 2023 Intake

There is not a set way to help and support others in whatever capacity we do that, but the number one way to see change and positive outcomes, is when we are in our own wellbeing.

Your life experience, own personal creativity and ideas will be what sets you apart from everyone else, it's in YOU!

Sarie and Aaron have worked with thousands of clients all over the world.

Sarie runs a wonderful online coaching membership, has created CPD accredited courses, as well as being an author, speaker and even more so has been able to do all of this without getting too overwhelmed and burnt out like she did for many years on and off as a trained psychotherapist. Sarie has been sharing The Principles with others worldwide for over 10 years.

Aaron founded One Thought to bring an appreciation of this understanding to the mainstream. He has also been developing and providing practitioner training since 2014. Aaron has been a partner in designing and presenting the largest Three Principles conference worldwide since 2010. He is a founding board member of the 3PGC and currently its president. He has sat on a number of government advisory groups.  He is a published author, international speaker and lives with his family in London.

Certificates are only a very small part of what will make you successful as a coach/therapist or in any way you want to support others. We are not dismissing your qualifications, between us we have loads, but the key to having amazing outcomes for yourself and others is understanding and awareness of how we work as humans! 

We see so many wonderful people who are dipping their toe in the water of the wellbeing world and maybe even have a desire to become a therapist or coach, or look at a new approach as an existing wellbeing support but self doubt appears:

"Someone like me isn’t good enough".

"I am not qualified enough".

Here's what we know from years spent in this profession:

💛When you do not understand yourself, you can't truly help clients understand themselves.

💛When you do not prioritise yourself, you can not be present for others.

💛If you do not listen to your own mind, body and what you need, it's unlikely you will be able listen to a client too - impacting the connection and therefore the outcomes for the client. 

💛If you are not following your own clarity, what inspires you and feels right to you, instead of what you feel you 'should' be doing, you will not stay consistent and may give up. There will be no energy behind what you are doing. 


With the Me Before We programme, Sarie and Aaron will show you how to get clear on your what resonates with you, how to naturally have have faith in yourself and share the understanding that has enhanced their own lives, both personally and in business.

Together, let's show the world your gift!

 "From the very beginning, Sarie made me feel heard, supported, and understood. Her genuine interest in my work and passion for helping myself and others was evident from the start, and her positive attitude and enthusiasm have been a constant source of encouragement for me."

- Jacci Jones, Sort Your Shizzle Out - May 2023 Me Before We Intake

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Let your clients and teams results and outcomes do the talking.

"It's a saturated and very competitive market to achieve success in as everyone is working in wellbeing these days."

We hear that statement over and over again, and couldn't disagree more.

Collectively, we have been busy now for over 30 years without a break. 

Mental Health and wellbeing can be hugely overcomplicated and leave people feeling  like they may be going around in circles over and over looking for fixes. No matter how much 'personal work' someone has done in the past, introducing to them the Three Principles Understanding is different. It is not another strategy or tool to try and use or practise. Its is an understanding of who we already are, and always have been.  It's an awareness that enables us to be much more accepting of our experience of being human, enabling us and those we share with, to become limitless , more comfortable with the discomfort that the ebbs and flow life often shows us and to enjoy the highs and be way more graceful with the lows. 

"Each week I have loved and been inspired to get more involved in the conversation.
The 90 mins on a Tuesday night have been really interesting and engaging.
You’re a great mentor and having the chance to practise answering questions is great for my confidence building too"

- Claire , July 2023, Me Before We intake 2024


We will share The Three Principles originally shared by Sydney Banks. The Principles Mind Thought & Consciousness are simply a description of what it means to be a human.

They are not a prescription, strategy or a tool and therefore can be life changing for any human being no matter what their story, history or current situation. Not only will this be wonderful for any clients or those you want to support, but it can also be life changing for you. 

No amount of marketing or knowledge of how to set up a business will guarantee success without you valuing and having belief in your own ability to help people change.

There is a reason most business courses have a mindset element! 

Weeks 1-10: Live weekly training

Each live session will last approximately 1 hour with an added 30 minute Q&A session at the end and take place on Thursday evenings starting from 2nd May 2024. Replays will be available.

See below for breakdown of content.

Month 3-6: Intensive Support with the option to continue

To embed our learning from the first three months and allow time for more questions as you begin to implement your new understanding

Your Own App & Members Area

Watch your videos, take private notes, take part our private community and work through your content via our app - making it easier to access wherever you go.

BONUS: CPD Accredited Anxiety Course (When You Join Before 26th April 2024)

Access Sarie's CPD Accredited 8 Week Signature Anxiety Course, aimed to help individuals and practitioners gain a deeper understanding of what it means to be human.

(worth £595)

 "Sarie's teaching leads you to a place of understanding almost by osmosis. She welcomes questions, shares personal stories, insights and knowledge. Sarie's courses inspire, challenge and empower in a way that always feels  natural, engaging and incredibly enriching."

- Sue, August 2023

What we'll be covering each week

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The first ten weeks will consist of weekly training and resources with live calls, followed by four monthly live calls to implement and support.

Let's Get Started

This Week:

Introductions to your coaches, say hello to each other and get
an idea of what we each of us want from the next six months.

We will look at what your main purpose of being involved is and what brought you to the group so that we can ensure we accommodate everyone’s needs as much as possible. We will also look at how to get the most out of the six months

What Even Are The Three Principles?

This Week:

These principles that were first shared by Sydney Banks will be the the basis and understanding that we will be pointing to throughout the whole of this course, no matter what the topic, and so it makes sense to take a look at what they are.

This will be a great opportunity for those of you who are exploring for the first time to see what all the fuss is about, and maybe a great opportunity for back the basics and the simplicity of the principles for those of you who are already in the conversation and fully aware of the wonder of the principles.

Imposter Syndrome

This Week:

This is a term that is talked about a lot and yet so often misunderstood as a concept that prevents us from the success we want.

When we really see this for what it is, it no longer becomes a form of self sabotage but rather an opportunity for growth and understanding. This also heavily links to worrying about what others think of us and again letting us believe that we are somehow stuck or limited in what we can access in our lives, our success.

Managing Relationships - Challenging or Otherwise

This Week:

Managing relationships challenging or otherwise - lets explore relationships in general and how we navigate any challenges or concerns.

This may be as an employer, employee, partner, parent and anything else that shows up! Communication is key but from the inside out perspective and really seeing our insecurities and part in all of our communication.


This Week:

Listening is something that we often feel we are good at and yet we can still find ourselves in regular disagreements, arguments and getting caught up in psychological games with each other.

The key to changing and improving not only our own experience of life in general but also the relationships we share with others, is through deep listening. We explore what this is, why so many of us misunderstand what listening actually is.

Love & Compassion

This Week:

What is love and compassion and why is it so important.

Talk about compassion fatigue that is regularly talked about in any supportive career and why its a myth and that we have endless compassion to share with the world.


This Week:

The first of the three principles is al about the universal intelligence behind life and we will really start to dive into this first principle and how this relates to working with clients. Seeing the innate wellbeing in ALL of our clients as well as ourselves.


This Week:

The second principle of Thought and as simple as it sounds that we are creating our own reality through thought, understanding this on a different level than in our intellect can be a huge catalyst for insights and changes in perspective, again for our clients and ourselves. 


This Week:

The final of the three principles where we will explore how our awareness and our senses give life to our story and that once we see the power of the illusions that we create, we can begin to facilitate change through understanding for each and every one of us. 

Moving Forward In Our Wellbeing

This Week:

This session will be run flexibly depending on the needs of the group. We will look at how you move forward with your new understanding. This will focus on how we remain in our own well-being and will talk about getting present and what that look like in our every day lives.

 "As soon as Sarie announced she was gong to do the six month course 'Me Before We' I knew I had to do it! I was already part of her Membership (which I absolutely loved) but I wanted to gain a deeper understanding of The Three Principles whilst having the support of other people on the course. Sarie is a fantastic mentor. She shares lots of examples from her own personal experience and welcomes any questions you have. I am so glad I invested in this course, it has given me the faith to believe in myself and move forward with my own wellbeing journey."

- Kerri, August 2023

Lily's Story


Hear what Lily Sais has to say about working with Sarie....

Fully understanding the 3ps and how human nature works will mean that you are more able to be grounded in your own wellbeing, and that is where the magic happens for both you and your clients! 

What Others Say About Working With Sarie

  • Me Before We (1) Me Before We

    I am happy to share my experience working with Sarie.

    From the first day we worked together Sarie has been my accountability buddy and a huge support system in my work as a psychotherapist.

    From the very beginning, Sarie made me feel heard, supported, and understood. Her genuine interest in my work and passion for helping myself and others was evident from the start, and her positive attitude and enthusiasm have been a constant source of encouragement for me.

    One of the things I appreciate most about working with Sarie is that she creates a safe and non-judgmental space for me to share my thoughts, feelings, and challenges. This has been a life saver, literally over the past 12 months especially as I was going through some personal health issues, Sarie has been a rock, there literally is nothing I can’t talk to her about whether it is personal or professional.

    She listens with empathy and offers insightful feedback and suggestions that help me see things from different perspectives and come up with new solutions.

    I never feel like I am being judged by Sarie, which has been invaluable in my personal and professional growth.

    Sarie is also an excellent cheerleader. She celebrates my successes and milestones with genuine excitement, and her encouragement and support have been instrumental in helping me stay motivated and focused on my goals.

    Her willingness to hold me accountable has also been a tremendous help. She checks in regularly to see how I am progressing and provides gentle but firm nudges when I need them, which has helped me stay on track and make progress towards my goals.

    Sarie’s compassion, positivity, and expertise have been invaluable in helping me navigate the challenges and opportunities of being a psychotherapist. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a supportive and non-judgmental mentor in their personal or professional growth journey.

    Sort Your Shizzle Out

  • Me Before We (1) Me Before We

    Sarie is a wonderful business mentor. She's light hearted and doesn't take things too seriously. Working with Sarie was invaluable to me as a practitioner. Working with her would be such a gift for you.

    Peace From Within

  • Sarie Taylor

    I signed up to Sarie's coaching package as I wanted to develop my own coaching style and offer my understanding out to my own clients. Sarie is a wonderful mentor and has supported with my own self development as well as the business side of my project. I've grown in self belief and I'm developing a business that is flexible for my clients, but also allows me to have a great work/life balance. I'm so grateful that I invested in this package and I'm excited for what's to come.

    Founder of Coffee, Chill and Spill

Sarie's Journey

Sarie started the very traditional, and usually quite popular route into working in wellbeing, by ending up in hospital in her early 20s for a month with generalised anxiety disorder, panic disorder and depression. She then went on to complete her Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy 4 year diploma.

Since then she has worked in the criminal justice service delivering CBT based programmes.

Sarie has worked in children’s homes with young teens who have been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and so completed some DBT training too.

She's also completed additional training over the years in NLP and also hypnotherapy and is now a fully booked, worldwide 3 principles practitioner with the 3PGC.

You won't have to figure it all out on your own like Sarie did, trying everything she could find until something stuck! We're going to help you by sharing what ultimately changed everything for us. 

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Aaron's Journey

Aaron Turner received the first ever first-class degree achieved in Anthropology at Swansea University. He went on to do a Masters degree at Brunel University in Medical Anthropology. He worked at Brunel as a faculty member and a researcher at The Centre for Health Sickness and Disablement and got his PhD there. He was interested in how a deeper understanding of humanity could enable positive change or at least more mental freedom that might allow new ways of thinking or behaving and break old patterns.

As his academic career developed, Aaron was fascinated with the potential to understand and approach things differently. But he was starting to wonder how any of the research and analysis being done would translate into meaningful positive impact in the world when he stumbled onto the work his aunt and uncle were doing in the North West of America. Their work seemed to be based on a truly transformative insight into human functioning. The prospect of a new platform for change and understanding drew Aaron to study with George and Linda Pransky and their colleagues for several years. In 2000, he and his wife Lila moved to The States to work with them. Over the following 10 years, Aaron worked at the practice operating as the company’s CEO for 3 years. The work they did spanned many fields. They worked as individual, family and couples counsellors, did mediations and worked as training consultants pioneering much of the work being done in businesses and organisations.

Aaron was keen to apply their discoveries to organisational and business issues and challenges. At that time they were one of the first practices to apply their approach to organisational and leadership issues. In every area it was applied, the understanding brought significant improvement. Based on this experience, Aaron has dedicated his professional life to highlighting and applying the transformative potential of a Principle-based understanding of the mind to our current challenges and limitations highlighting the direct link between people’s state of mind and their outcomes. During his career, he has done this within individual and couples counselling, education and mediation and as a training consultant within businesses, organisational development, leadership development (corporate and military), sales training and team building.

Aaron founded One Thought to bring an appreciation of this understanding to the mainstream. He has also been developing and providing practitioner training since 2014. Aaron has been a partner in designing and presenting the largest Three Principles conference worldwide since 2010. He is a founding board member of the 3PGC and currently its president. He has sat on a number of government advisory groups.  He is a published author, international speaker and lives with his family in London.

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