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"I will help you fall in love with life again".

The Membership - sharing the understanding of what it means to be human all over the world with UK-based Three Principles Practitioner Sarie Taylor

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"I love the live calls and interacting with everybody and sharing my insights. I love that they are all pre recorded so I can catch up in my own time. Of course Sarie is amazing and the guest experts are brilliant too!!"

- Georgia, February 2024

Let's stop overcomplicating our lives through overwhelm, anxiety and overthinking.

Inside The Membership, I will teach you to understand your life in a way you never thought possible. No more chasing dreams of a better way - let's make them a reality together.

With your new understanding and acceptance will come more joy and awareness, no matter what life throws at you.

Discover What It Means To Be Human
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 "I'd like to say that I've really made massive steps, after living in a permanent state of anxiety for YEARS, I have now managed to control it to a point where I feel almost a bit lost without that constant worry.Completely life changing and really pretty simple. If I catch myself going off on a negative thinking path (which I do rather a lot!) I change my thoughts. Who knew it would be so easy to control!?."

- Anonymous, April 2024


Imagine becoming your own biggest cheerleader, feeling empowered and confident in life decisions. You would feel more able to take a leap and trust yourself, and be the best version of yourself, you have so much to offer.

Imagine you could really see and believe that consistently.

Imagine what you could actually achieve if you didn’t get in your own way or talk yourself out of things? 

Imagine no matter what life shows you, you were able to prioritise yourself, and recover much more quickly, reset and continue making progress regardless. 

Imagine if you already had everything you needed at your finger tips? We can assure you that you do, you just don’t see it. You may see glimpses of it but we want you to see it consistently. 

You don't need to imagine anymore.

I will show you.

 "I'm back in my life now could not have done this without Sarie's guidance...and also her guests who are all pointing us in the right direction, nothing to do...we are all ok"

- Annemarie, February 2024


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As well as changing my relationship with anxiety in a way that no therapy or other treatment ever did for me, it improved every aspect of my life; parenting, relationship, as well as my business and work life balance.

I know that you can too and I can say that with confidence without even knowing anything about you!

How? Well because as a human being you work in the same way as me and everyone else.

How do some people appear to have more success and less overwhelm than others? It’s understanding & awareness, along with the confidence to put ourselves fully forward into our lives even with a risk of judgement and failure, knowing that we will get to where we want to be.


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 "Thank you so much again for this membership, I would never be who I am today without you!! Each day I am living to the fullest, I am confident, I stand up for myself, I love myself and that is all because I found you and this membership! It just makes me so happy to see new people join and I know that they have a life of peace in front of them."

- Anonymous, April 2023



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 "Each week when I read/hear the questions I always think oh this has nothing to do with the way I am so I will forward this bit on, but I never end up doing as I always listen when I'm cleaning the bathroom so have wet hands!! And it just never fails to amaze me how everything seems to apply, I cant help but it applying even though for some reason I'm trying to diss it. It's bizarre how someone else's seemingly completely unrelated issue, when picked apart and applied to the 3 principles of thought by yourself, always gives me learning, meaning and food for thought, its just weird, bizarre but really good and I feel I learn/see something new each time, even though I've been a member for years."

- Anonymous, September 2023

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Does your thoughts and mind hold you back from experiencing daily joy and peace?

Do you support someone else who suffers from anxiety, depression, panic attacks or getting stuck in their thoughts?

Are you a therapist or coach working professionally to support people who come to you for help to escape from the crippling thoughts and anxiety they're experiencing?

Find your support, your answers and your people inside The Membership with Sarie

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"I have been in the membership for just about a year now after doing Sarie's 5 day challenge and it's really changed the way I look at myself and the world. Sarie has made me understand myself and why I do things more in 1year than 20yrs of therapy and research!"

- Lisa, January 2023

I'll let Georgia tell you more about what The Membership can do...

You have access to so much more peace of mind, contentment and satisfaction than you may realise.

Can you stand in front of a mirror and tell yourself "I love you"?

Having worked with thousands of clients, we have seen a direct link between anxiety and our feelings, and the lack of compassion we show ourselves.

So many of us struggle to show ourselves the same compassion and consideration we show others.

I'm going to help you change that in The Membership

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 "A year and a half ago I was at my most darkest and anxious place. I thought there is no coming out of that, and I felt this was me forever.  That anxiety every day with constant physical symptoms... Then I found YOU my knight in shining armour... someone said the other day "you are the biggest transformation I've ever seen." 

- Anonymous, March 2023

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Guest Expert Rob Cook is our next guest expert to join us and will be with us in February 2024 inside The Membership.

Replays are always available for anyone who can't make it live, or joins The Membership after the event.

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 "This year has been amazing for me filled with so many insights, even though I am living my life now being my true self I love still being part of the membership as it’s important to me to have that time for myself and gather insights in the calls even if I don’t have any questions, it’s just amazing being myself, loving myself and knowing whatever happens I can get through anything, you were saying on the call Monday that you are glad you went through what you did, I can say I am too that I went through what I did as it is a door opening to find you and the membership"

- Anonymous, September 2023

 "I wouldn't even know where to start listing the changes as there's too many. I am now able to be present and enjoy life again. The Membership has literally saved my life and made my life back up again. I am externally grateful."

- The Membership, Anonymous, February 2023

 "I was apprehensive about the money for years but I'd got so bad it would have been worth every penny I had to save me but now I'm feeling better I don't want to leave as I know how much I benefit every week from staying in the conversation. If you think you know everything you need to know, think again. There is always something new to learn! I used to think I knew everything and how could anyone tell me anything new, I'd read all the books and even thought I knew everything there was to know about the 3Ps. How wrong I was! When I accepted I didn't have all the answers, the answers started coming thick and fast."

- Annette, January 2023

I’m Sarie Taylor, Founder of Worldwide Well-Being. 

I am a Three Principles global practitioner, and although I'm a trained coach psychotherapist with all the qualifications that goes along with that, I no longer offer traditional therapy. Instead, I share the Three Principles that changed my own life and specialise in helping others to understand and reduce their anxiety and overthinking.

You no longer have to over-complicate things and stay stuck - Don't waste any more time without a healthy mind!

If you suffer with ANXIETY, OVERTHINK everything, or simply know you are not LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE, then you have come to the right place!


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 "I have played musical instruments since I was young and have done hundreds of concerts over the years. I realised tonight that I have habitually worried every single concert about my exit route from the stage incase I need the toilet or feel sick. I've done it for so long it's just become part of what I do.... This evening for the first time ever I was able to tell myself I didn't need to plan or rehearse anything bad happening because if it did I knew I would be fine.  I was able to put it to one side and really enjoy the concert and be present in it and had a fantastic time. I'm so grateful for the 3ps. It's changing habits of a lifetime. I hope this gives hope to others.

- Anonymous, The Membership - April 2023

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"... As for my anxiety, even in  a week it has been completely different. I really decided to just go all in... to not focus on it all the time and start enjoying my life. At first I thought that's impossible but then I realised that if I was patient and compassionate that it would be fine. And even though it's been a week, it's changed me completely."

- Anonymous, November 2023