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Use this page to find simple, free ways you can learn more about the Three Principles that I share with my Members, one to one clients and inside my online courses


Understanding Anxiety: A Lesson Towards Clarity

A fabulous (free) session to help you to begin to understand how we as humans work, and where our anxiety and anxious thoughts come from.

1 hour recorded session plus 2 Bonus Q&A recordings

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Caught up in self judgment

Caught Up In Self Judgment

Sarie reflects on self-judgment and anxiety, emphasising the importance of embracing our imperfections. Things we find cute in kids, we often see as imperfections in ourselves.

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Anxiety & Mediation

Anxiety & Medication: You Are Not Broken

Sarie shares her personal journey with anxiety, highlighting the importance of understanding the Three Principles in managing mental health. She recalls a time when she heavily relied on medication, and her experience underscores the power of embracing human experiences and reducing negative self-talk through the Three Principles.

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Hormones and the new normal

Hormones and the 'New Normal'

Sarie shares her journey of creating an 'anxiety and hormones' course while reflecting on her own recent experiences. She discusses the tension caused by striving for 'normality' and the relief found in accepting her 'new normal' - for now.

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