"They are so helpful and of a format that one can listen to in the moment." - Anonymous

A lot of the misunderstanding that we have that creates stress or overwhelm comes from us misusing the system that is there for survival when we're not faced with any imminent fear or danger.

These short videos, which include an introduction to how to get the most of them, are handy "pocket guides" for you take with you and view whenever and wherever you need them, covering some of the main topics I am asked about over and over again.

6 - Angela Chick x Sarie Taylor

"Sarie really knows her stuff and explains things in a really good and easy to follow way, she is very relatable" - Anonymous

Discover The Topics:

Panic is a very normal part of our human functioning and we all have the beginning of panic numerous times on a daily basis.   

In this guide , I'm talking to you about panic - what is it, why do we feel panic and what do we do when we feel like we are stuck in a cycle of panic?

Part of being human is that our moods fluctuate and in actual fact, it doesn't need to be a problem or an issue.  

Watch this guide to understand our moods and how to move on from whichever mood we're in.

Sleep is commonly discussed when people are struggling, overwhelmed or anxious. 

Watch this guide to understand the adrenaline from our anxiety and overthinking affects our sleep and how to reduce the effects this can have on us.

Worrying about what others think of us is something we can all do at times, and is commonly increased when people are struggling, overwhelmed or anxious.

Watch this guide to hear what things I recommend that you consider when stuck in this cycle of worry! 

We have thousands of thoughts a day. So why do we overthink some and not the others? 

In this guide I talk about how it's all about our response to the thoughts - the energy, value and respect we give to them that creates our day to day reality.  

What if we could see that these are reducing our suffering, not creating suffering? 

In this guide I share how when we get more comfortable with the discomfort we can see that our mind and body are always working in our favour. 

So often we are getting I Nour own way due to our conditioned beliefs.

In this guide we see how we can create habits that our brain feels are working in our favour but that may at a later date to go on to no longer serve us. I also talk a little about imposter syndrome and how it is actually a good thing! 

Fear is always the same thing. Rather than a fear of something specific, fear is always worrying about the future.

In this guide I talk about how we can always link any fear back to the three 'U's' Uncertainty, unpredictability and unknown, and this guide will help you find your peace of mind.

Compassion is essential in order for us to access peace of mind.

In this guide I talk about how compassion is often the missing link for a lot of people. I have never met a person yet who is suffering from overwhelm or anxiety that couldn't benefit from showing themselves more compassion. 

What if we have tried everything?

Remaining open minded and looking in the right direction is key.

"I realized I don't "have" to worry.. I don't need to ruminate on my intrusive thoughts.. I'm learning they don't mean anything about me... My perspective is changing and I'm so thankful. Truly thank you for all that you share, your wonderful insights have changed my life!!" - Anonymous

These guides are short - designed to not cause you any additional overwhelm.   

Created for you because I remember well the frustration of searching for answers and feeling even more overwhelmed and lost with everything I found.

Panic | Low Mood | Sleep | Worrying About What Others Think | Overthinking | Physical Symptoms | Self Sabotage | Compassion | Fear | What To Do When You've Tried Everything Else

These Survival Guides are just the beginning, but they're a fabulous place to start.

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"The physical symptoms don't scare me so much  now... You are so good at what you do. I actually see my physical symptoms as a sign my thinking is all made up!" - Anonymous