• All Things Hormones, Anxiety & Overwhelm

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3 Day Online Mini-Course


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Understand more about how your body and mind work, and work with, instead of against human nature to reduce suffering and overwhelm.

This mini course is the beginning of a better understanding about how your body and mind works together. Our body is always working in our favour even when we feel it isn't, we just need to understand more in order to reduce resistance causing more tension and stress on the body. This enables us to find more peace with any changes we are going through; navigating life with much more ease and joy.

As a society we can talk about hormones and menopause in a very negative way, putting fear into the heads of many of us (I was one of them before I had a better understanding) - there is so much more we can understand, making any natural and needed change in our bodies feel much easier to manage, and reducing unnecessary stress and anxiety.

Join Sarie Taylor and special guest expert Dr Annice Mukherjee (@thehormonedoc) for this three day introduction to all things hormones, anxiety and overwhelm.

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 “I definitely have more of an understanding now, esp as my symptoms get worse around my period. I’m trying to accept and and be patient with myself. The overthinking course, I’ll go back to a few times. As this is what I struggle with most”

 - Anonymous, November 2023

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A 30-40 minute video per day for three days, with your own personal log in to my Private Vault to view in your own time, with guest appearances from Dr Annice Mukherjee (@thehormonedoc)

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BONUS: Sleep Survival Guide

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BONUS: invitation to join one of my live group coaching sessions after the three days have been completed (usually only available to members of The Membership and 8 Week Anxiety Course) This is an opportunity for you to ask any further questions you may have about any of the course material.

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What will we cover each day?

Day 1

We'll be talking about the bigger picture and how our bodies and minds are ALWAYS working in our favour.

A reminder for when you are stuck in your head and struggling to see more clearly how the mind and body are connected, and a look at cortisol and how hormones and stress work in conjunction with each other, such as fight or flight.

Day 2

We will look at hormonal imbalances and what that means with some ideas on how to help ourselves primarily.

Lifestyle and Sleep which are a major part of supporting our bodies with any changes they are going through.

We will touch on the importance of joy and connection in our lives.

Day 3

We will look at how to reduce overthinking including when it comes to physical symptoms of menopause.

Dr Annice shares some of her most asked questions...What happens if I can't take HRT? Will these symptoms ever go away? Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

We will also talk about alcohol and menopause

 "Wonderfully simple explanation…I’ve realised I’ve been caught up in trying to understand why the symptoms of menopause are affecting my asthma and allergies and can now see the cycle I have been on for the last 7 years.  This has created so much inflammation in my body.  I’m beginning to realise that my mind can play a part in adjusting these symptoms!  Wow!  Powerful…now to realise how to do this.  Thank you so much"

 - Anonymous, November 2023

I will show you how to embrace what it means to be human more easily even when it feels impossible!

Whether you've taken part in one of my online "challenges" before or you're new to my work, join me for these three days of recorded sessions to bring understanding and clarity to how the mind and body work together in order to reduce stress and overwhelm, especially around a time in life when hormones are changing and adjusting. 

So many people talk about menopause and perimenopause being a stressful and difficult time but there is always a way of us accessing more peace of mind and contentment, even when going through any change or big life events, through understanding and acceptance. We want to help you see this more over the next three days.

This mini-course is for anyone who wants to understand hormones, anxiety and overwhelm, either for themselves, a family member, or in a professional capacity. 

It's created for You. And Me. And Everyone.

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 "the actual tools to try and stop the overthinking was really helpful. Understanding and realising that I didn’t need to dissect every symptom was also liberating!  Demystifying and simplifying, I can see the wood from the trees phew!

 - Anonymous, November 2023

3 - Angela Chick x Sarie Taylor

Everything is working in your favour

This three day mini course will show you the true nature of being human, and how hormonal changes are all a part of what is needed for us to move on to the next stage in our lives. This transition can be much easier when we understand what is happening, see that the body is working for us and not against us, and how to reduce overthinking and worry at a time where the body is under more stress already. 

When we see the true nature of being human, not only do we find we become much more patient, kind and loving to ourselves, but it takes the fear out of the human experience.

All things hormones, anxiety & overwhelm: The Three Day Mini-Course

Start Here for £47

 "I just wanted to start by saying that your 3 day hormone course was brilliant, great value for money and really, really informative. Thank you again - your work and Dr Annices has been invaluable."

 - Claire, November 2023

How Does It Work?

Join me, Sarie, for three days online with short, easy-to-consume videos and meet my special guest expert Dr Annice Mukherjee

This three day mini-course gives you lifetime access to the content you receive, so you can come back to it time and time again.

3 Days of Videos from Sarie

with guest expert Dr Annice Mukherjee

Delivered over three days to watch in your own time, no time pressures - they're yours to keep and come back to over and over again.

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BONUS: Sleep Survival Guide

Sleep is commonly discussed when people are struggling, overwhelmed or anxious. 

This guide will help you understand the adrenaline from our anxiety and overthinking affects our sleep and how to reduce the effects this can have on us.

BONUS: Live Group Coaching Call

Join this mini-course today and in a few days, you'll receive a BONUS invite to a live group coaching call with Sarie, taking place the following Monday after your Day 3 Video has arrived with you. 

You have access  to so much more peace of mind, contentment and satisfaction than you may realise.

Having worked with thousands of clients, we have seen a direct link between anxiety and our feelings, and the lack of compassion we show ourselves.

So many of us struggle to show ourselves the same compassion and consideration we show others.

I'm going to help you change that.

Day 1 Starts Here
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Is this like your live Challenges?

This three day course is on a more specific topic of hormones and anxiety, which I've touched on in the live challenges - this will take you deeper over the three days.

How do I access the videos

You'll have access to Day 1 as soon as you purchase this course.  I'll send you log in details so you can get started straight away. You'll receive Day 2 the next day, and Day 3 the day after that.

Can I keep the videos to watch again?

Yes! You'll have lifetime access to this mini-course, which is stored inside my Private Vault online.

Who is this mini-course aimed at?

It's for anyone who wants to get better understanding about how their body works and we will show you what it is working in your favour - and what may not be.

About Sarie

I’m Sarie Taylor, Founder of Worldwide Well-Being.  I am a Three Principles global practitioner, and although I'm a trained coach psychotherapist with all the qualifications that goes along with that, I no longer offer traditional therapy. Instead, I share the Three Principles that changed my own life and specialise in helping others to understand and reduce their anxiety and overthinking.

You no longer have to over-complicate things and stay stuck - Don't waste any more time without a healthy mind!

If you suffer with ANXIETY, OVERTHINK everything, or simply know you are not LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE, then you have come to the right place!

Read More About Sarie

Meet Dr Annice Mukherjee

Dr Annice Mukherjee  is a consultant Endocrinologist MBChB, MSc, FRCP, MD who is also an author of the wonderful book, The Complete Guide to the Menopause also can be found @thehormonedoc on Instagram.

Dr Annice has been a special guest inside The Membership multiple times and the knowledge and information she shares has always been invaluable.

Sarie Taylor

“I am On holiday on Jersey and had a frantic build up the flight for weeks before. I got through the flight with no bother - a blast of Adrenalin when the doors weren’t immediately opened but otherwise fine. On the Monday from no where (or so I thought) I awoke to a panic attack like I haven’t had in tears. This went on for a couple of hours. I clung to your videos especially the last shorter one and that got me through. Had an anxiety hangover the next day and dreaded going to bed. Awful second night so I lay in the living room on the sofa and dozed with earphones listening to the videos again. I wasn’t able to eat which was contributing massively to the anxiety and I was dreading meal times. Then, when I left it alone it lifted. I had a steak dinner at a pub and got on with the holiday. 3 good nights sleep. I can’t believe it... The 4th bonus for that feeling of Sarie is in my phone if I need a pep talk!!"”

August 2023

Sarie Taylor

“ the mini course has helped - I'm starting to go with the thoughts & feelings - but not letting them take over. Just letting them come & go. It's made me realize we are all human & all go through ups & downs in life when we think we can't cope - it's about accepting whatever we go through & get through it as best we can. That we're allowed to feel our emotions.”

August 2023

Sarie Taylor

“ this really made me stop in my tracks and understand how and why I feel like I do or should I say did!!!!
I have managed to check myself 4 or 5 times this week and regulate myself. I am in awe. Truly. I have watched some of your free sessions before, but this time I WAS ready to listen and take heed.

I have even booked a holiday this week which will mean a 3 hour drive for me AND I don't care. I KNOW I'll be fine and if I wobble so what!”

July 2023