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Live Online Session with Sarie

GBP 16.00


24th April 2024 at 8pm UK Time | Replay Available

Anyone who has worked with me in any capacity will probably already know that I believe self love and compassion is so under rated and in actual fact is a huge part if not the most important part of how we feel and experience our everyday lives.

When I suffered with severe anxiety it never occurred to me (which seems silly to say now) that the way I felt about myself in general and the way I spoke to myself full of judgement and criticism, was a HUGE part of the issue.

This is why now I would talk about this subject with every person on the planet if I had the chance. If you feel there is room for more self love and compassion in your life then this is for you!

Live Online Session with Sarie

GBP 16.00

15th May 2024 at 8pm UK Time | Replay Available

Success is really only a matter of opinion and perspective. If I look back on what I used to see success as, it's a million miles away from what success actually looks like for me now - my younger self would be shocked and hopefully very pleasantly surprised.

In this session I want to look at what success even is and how we canvass so many opportunities chasing a success that we feel we should want rather than recognising our actual desires and needs.

This also links in closely with confidence as there seems to be a common belief that we need to confident in order to be successful and again I feel that I may surprise you with what I will share - confidence is only ever a state of mind.

Live Online Session with Sarie

GBP 16.00

5th June 2024 at 8pm UK Time | Replay Available

We are all in relationships, whether that be romantic or otherwise. We are in relationships with family, friends, colleagues and many others so they are an important part of our life.

When we connect form a pace of love and calm relationships enhance every aspect of our being but when they feel difficult they can be a constant source of worry and unhappiness.

The good news is you can develop your awareness about how you are in relationships in order to access more peace of mind even if the others are not able to. In this session we will explore all about relationships.