With Sarie Taylor, Founder of Worldwide Well-Being

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The Membership, with Sarie Taylor, helps YOU if you're feeling overwhelmed, stuck and tired of telling yourself, 'one day when'. You have frustrations and fears of getting it wrong and having to do it all, leaving you exhausted and dissatisfied. I help you to be able to unashamedly reveal the best version of yourself, with clarity, courage and intention. Enabling you to completely fall in love with life from the inside out.

8 Week Intensive Coaching Programme with Sarie Taylor

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A 30 Minute Session,  plus unlimited voice messages Monday - Friday for the next eight weeks!

Plus, exclusive access to The Membership for the duration of the 8 week Intensive Coaching Program which includes live calls, guest experts and group sessions!

Get your very own first edition Insight Cards from Sarie Taylor!

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A beautiful set of 52 insight cards from Sarie Taylor! 

Live Online Session with Sarie

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6th December at 8pm UK Time | Replay Available

Do you find December a stressful, busy month? This session is going to be about understanding how we can stay in our well-being and stay grounded in and amongst all of the chaos that we seem to be surrounded by.

This is a session that will carry you forward not just in December, but also get you to start to see that no matter what challenges you face in life, and when life seems to get a bit busy, we don't have to suffer with a busy mind.

Live Online Session with Sarie

GBP 13.00

10th January at 8pm UK Time | Replay Available

My experience of what I share is that once you start to see how to access more peace of mind, then you can really start to want to share with others too.

This could be friends, colleagues, your children or even as a coach in a professional capacity. I am going to share with you how you can share with others, support others and help them also access more peace of mind.

It's never about fixing or advice, although this can be tempting you may find that if giving solutions they are met with lots if 'yes but' answers. I will help you with a great place to start in sharing your wisdom and support with those around you.

Live Online Session with Sarie

GBP 13.00

7th February 2024 at 8pm UK Time | Replay Available

The most common barrier or objection I hear for people not getting what they want out of life, in any area of their life is feeling like they are not good enough.

Well I have news for you! - you ARE good enough, more than good enough! I know you wont necessarily just take my word for it so join mean this session where I will help you see that we are all imposters and its actually a good thing not a limitation and we will also explore why we compare ourselves to others and why it is a waste of time and energy.

We will also look at how we can do less comparison and take more action in our loves going after what it is we want and we absolutely deserve!

Live Online Session with Sarie

GBP 13.00

6th March 2024 at 8pm UK Time | Replay Available

Hormones are phenomenal and we all experience the ups, downs, ebbs and flows of hormones and the physical sensations and feelings that can come with this.

I will talk about hormones in relation to stress and overwhelm and how this can potentially affect us, and how we experience hormone fluctuations differently due to overthinking and ruminating on our experience that we haven control over.

We will touch on examples of menopause, PMT and also I will talk a little bit about men and their hormones too.

Live Online Session with Sarie

GBP 13.00

3rd April 2024 at 8pm UK Time | Replay Available

Anyone who has worked with me in any capacity will probably already know that I believe self love and compassion is so under rated and in actual fact is a huge part if not the most important part of how we feel and experience our everyday lives.

When I suffered with severe anxiety it never occurred to me (which seems silly to say now) that the way I felt about myself in general and the way I spoke to myself full of judgement and criticism, was a HUGE part of the issue.

This is why now I would talk about this subject with every person on the planet if I had the chance. If you feel there is room for more self love and compassion in your life then this is for you!

Live Online Session with Sarie

GBP 13.00

1st May 2024 at 8pm UK Time | Replay Available

Success is really only a matter of opinion and perspective. If I look back on what I used to see success as, it's a million miles away from what success actually looks like for me now - my younger self would be shocked and hopefully very pleasantly surprised.

In this session I want to look at what success even is and how we canvass so many opportunities chasing a success that we feel we should want rather than recognising our actual desires and needs.

This also links in closely with confidence as there seems to be a common belief that we need to confident in order to be successful and again I feel that I may surprise you with what I will share - confidence is only ever a state of mind.

Live Online Session with Sarie

GBP 13.00

5th June 2024 at 8pm UK Time | Replay Available

We are all in relationships, whether that be romantic or otherwise. We are in relationships with family, friends, colleagues and many others so they are an important part of our life.

When we connect form a pace of love and calm relationships enhance every aspect of our being but when they feel difficult they can be a constant source of worry and unhappiness.

The good news is you can develop your awareness about how you are in relationships in order to access more peace of mind even if the others are not able to. In this session we will explore all about relationships.