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From Sarie Taylor and special guest expert The Hormone Doctor (Dr Annice Mukherjee)

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The Membership, with Sarie Taylor, helps YOU if you're feeling overwhelmed, stuck and tired of telling yourself, 'one day when'. You have frustrations and fears of getting it wrong and having to do it all, leaving you exhausted and dissatisfied. I help you to be able to unashamedly reveal the best version of yourself, with clarity, courage and intention. Enabling you to completely fall in love with life from the inside out.

8 Week Intensive Coaching Programme with Sarie Taylor

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A 30 Minute Session,  plus unlimited voice messages Monday - Friday for the next eight weeks!

Plus, exclusive access to The Membership for the duration of the 8 week Intensive Coaching Program which includes live calls, guest experts and group sessions!

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Live Online Session with Sarie

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5th June 2024 at 8pm UK Time | Replay Available

We are all in relationships, whether that be romantic or otherwise. We are in relationships with family, friends, colleagues and many others so they are an important part of our life.

When we connect form a pace of love and calm relationships enhance every aspect of our being but when they feel difficult they can be a constant source of worry and unhappiness.

The good news is you can develop your awareness about how you are in relationships in order to access more peace of mind even if the others are not able to. In this session we will explore all about relationships.

Live Online Session with Sarie

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3rd July 2024 at 8pm UK Time | Replay Available

The Three Principles, the understanding by Sydney Banks that completely transformed my experience of life, and also completely transformed my work with clients too.

Every so often inside the membership (although this is the basis of everything we do) I like to go back to basics and do a recap session just about the principles themselves.

If you have been in the conversation a while it would be great to have you along for the ride but even if you have never heard of the Three Principles I am sure you will not one disappointed by being introduced to them in this session. Mind, Thought & Consciousness - A wonderful description of human nature!

Live Online Session with Sarie

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7th August 2024 at 8pm UK Time | Replay Available

Whether you are a parent, or work with young people, I am pretty sure we all have important young people in our lives.

In this session I want to talk about how our external world has changed generation to generation and yet the way we work as humans hasn't and what this means for us.

This will enable you to hopefully understand and see your young people with more love and compassion and feel more confident in supporting them when they get overwhelmed or lose sight of their innate wellbeing.

I hear so many people say they are worried for this generation and their young people and I am not and what to share why that is!

Live Online Session with Sarie

GBP 16.00

4th September 2024 at 8pm UK Time | Replay Available

Self esteem and confidence can often misunderstood and we often talk about someone being confident or not as though it's a label or a personality trait.

Confidence is a state of mind and like all other states of mind will fluctuate and thats no bad thing. The way we talk to ourselves and therefore the way we feel about ourselves as a result could be called self esteem.

This also comes from the amount of love and connection we experience in our lives not only from others but with ourselves.

If you feel like you are lacking in confidence or don't have high self esteem then maybe this is the one for you! I can't wait to share with you how I am confident and also not confident!

Live Online Session with Sarie

GBP 16.00

2nd October 2024 at 8pm UK Time | Replay Available

Mental Health is not a place or an event where we aim to be and then stay.

We all have access to our innate wellbeing all the time, any time, however we can also very easily talk ourselves out of it temporarily.

One of the most common things I hear from clients when they find themselves getting caught up is that they have gone backwards. This is not how it works. We can't go backwards. We can have familiar feelings that can take us to previous memories, and we can make comparison, but we are not going backwards.

If you find yourself thinking this, it can feel hopeless, or like there is something wrong with you, but again thats not true! I want to talk about how this happens with all of us, and what it means and how there is never any reason to lose hope.