Understanding Imposter Syndrome

Understanding Imposter Syndrome

Exploring The Three Principles with Sarie Taylor 

Imposter syndrome and the anxiety surrounding that feeling of 'Imposter Syndrome' is something I still hear a lot of people talk about in one way or another.

I have a view on it that may differ to others, but I would love you to hear me out and see if I can help you adjust your own perspective of what it means to be an imposter! 

Often if we describe ourselves as imposters, or say we have imposter syndrome, we are talking about - on some level - not feeling enough or adequate in comparison to others around us.

It's often a fear of being judged as being 'too ahead of our stations' and not being enough for the job in hand and somehow getting found out as a fraud.

We feel we are imposters as we simply do not know enough or feel we have enough to offer. 

I believe that every single human being is enough to be and exist, we are born this way.

We all have something so unique to offer in life and yet we are all imposters.

Every single day we wake up to a new day. We may do the same things we do every day, but the experience we have will not be identical. It's always new on some level.

There is unknown and uncertainty attached to every day, and therefore we all wake up every day as an imposter to that day:

We have something to learn, opportunity to grow and certainly something unique to offer to the world! 

I am happy being an imposter, I feel excited by the idea of the unknown, uncertainty and the opportunity for newness. If that means I am an imposter then I am here for it!

I haven’t always felt like that, I used to hate uncertainty as I didn’t believe I was in control, I didn’t trust myself or understand myself enough to ease into my ‘imposterness’ - I know that's not a word but you know what I mean! 

If you feel uncomfortable with not knowing, then I would love you to watch my free on hour session called Understanding Anxiety - A Lesson Towards Clarity - click here to access.
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Are we overcomplicating mental health? 

The continuous spiral of talking about mental illness and neglecting to discuss mental health that’s within us all! 

Finding herself in a mental hospital for a month aged 22, her worst fears of going crazy had come true! Sarie truly believed she was broken for many years, and now sees that this was in part due to massively over complicating what it meant be a human being. After a long period of exploring and training as a psychotherapist, still burning out every 18 months for another ten years, Sarie finally found the answer, and now shares the surprising simplicity of it all to help others get the same relief. 

Sarie has trained as a transactional analysis psychotherapist, as well as working and training in many other therapeutic disciplines, such as NLP, CBT, DBT and hypnotherapy. Sarie is also an author, celebrity coach and therapist, working with thousands of people a year, of all ages, all over the world. Her main aim is to help them really see the simplicity and beauty behind human nature, getting out of their heads and into their lives, being able to see that the inside out nature of life really is a gift. This removes limitations and stories they may hold about themselves, and as a result finding an ease and contentment in life they often never knew was possible. 
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