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Exploring The Three Principles with Sarie Taylor

I recently saw a post on social media that talked about butterflies, and that when there is rain or a storm or something that might be too much for their beautiful little wings, that they rest so they don't fly when it's raining.

This really got me thinking about some of the conversations I have with clients, friends and family and even with myself at times about feeling like we should just keep going.

We judge
 ourselves because we feel we should be able to just keep going, and I thought actually, maybe the butterflies really nailed this.

I can't imagine that a butterfly starts to criticise its wings when its raining for being inadequate.
I don't believe that butterflies think they should work better.
I'm willing to bet that butterflies don't feel like they should be completely invincible and indestructible.
Butterflies don't beat themselves up for not being able to use their wings no matter what the conditions are, whatever the weather. 

In fact, given that butterflies rest as a default, it seems to me they are appreciative and grateful for the beauty and the functionality of their wings.

They instinctively know they need to protect their beautifully fragile wings.

And this got me thinking about us as humans.

It got me thinking about how precious yet resilient we are:

How phenomenal we actually are;
Yet we don't protect ourselves no matter what;
And why we don't allow ourselves that rest and that downtime purely and simply as a default that we deserve;
And how we feel inadequate when we have no choice but to rest and take that downtime.

Rain and storms to the butterfly is as guaranteed as thought storms and overthinking are to us as humans.

And so rather than trying to push that away, resist what is and all the ebbs and flows of life, what if we were more butterfly and allowed ourselves to use that time to rest and reset? Take stock and protect ourselves in a way that we really deserve, unconditionally!?

You will have heard me talk about love letters from the body, and listening to ourselves and what we need, paying attention to what our body is telling us.

It seems to me, the butterflies have done this really well, so much so that it's become a habit or something that they just do very naturally.

It's not impossible for us to also get to be better at listening to ourselves, paying attention and treating ourselves with the respect, love and compassion that we all fully deserve. No exceptions. 

If this is something that you really struggle to see, to be aware and to give yourself permission to just be, be a human, then I would really invite you to get more curious about how that could look different.

This could simply start with just going within more often and being more in tune with what your body is actually trying to tell you.

This was not something that was easy for me when I first came into The Three Principles conversation. I didn't really value what it meant to be to truly listen to my body, and so if you find this challenging and don't know where to start, I have a three day mini course that will actually cover and talk about how we actually work as humans, because simply being aware of how we work as humans is the first step, and hopefully us saying that we are worth taking care of! 

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Are we overcomplicating mental health? 

The continuous spiral of talking about mental illness and neglecting to discuss mental health that’s within us all! 

Finding herself in a mental hospital for a month aged 22, her worst fears of going crazy had come true! Sarie truly believed she was broken for many years, and now sees that this was in part due to massively over complicating what it meant be a human being. After a long period of exploring and training as a psychotherapist, still burning out every 18 months for another ten years, Sarie finally found the answer, and now shares the surprising simplicity of it all to help others get the same relief. 

Sarie has trained as a transactional analysis psychotherapist, as well as working and training in many other therapeutic disciplines, such as NLP, CBT, DBT and hypnotherapy. Sarie is also an author, celebrity coach and therapist, working with thousands of people a year, of all ages, all over the world. Her main aim is to help them really see the simplicity and beauty behind human nature, getting out of their heads and into their lives, being able to see that the inside out nature of life really is a gift. This removes limitations and stories they may hold about themselves, and as a result finding an ease and contentment in life they often never knew was possible. 
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