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Stress and anxiety over christmas

Stress and Anxiety: Christmas is Coming

Halloween is over, which means all over social media and amongst friends and family, people are beginning to ramp up their enthusiasm and hype for Christmas. But if you are someone who starts to overthink all the things you've got to do and all the people you've got to spend time with then this is your permission to pause and take things one step a time.

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Are You Trying to Force Feeling good

Are You Trying to Force Feeling Good?

Sarie talks about not forcing yourself to feel positive or grateful, but just going back to basics and appreciating the simplicity of life and recognising the wonder in everyday existence. By following The Three Principles, you can find peace of mind and a sense of well-being.

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how can i fix my anxiety

How Can I Fix My Anxiety?

Understanding what anxiety is and why it happens is the key to overcoming it and accessing peace of mind. Sarie shares her journey towards understanding anxiety through the Three Principles and explains why it's important to remove the fear from anxiety.

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