Things I used to think feel and do before I saw what I see now!

Anxiety & Mediation

Anxiety & Medication: You Are Not Broken

Sarie shares her personal journey with anxiety, highlighting the importance of understanding the Three Principles in managing mental health. She recalls a time when she heavily relied on medication, and her experience underscores the power of embracing human experiences and reducing negative self-talk through the Three Principles.

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Adrenaline is it a bad thing (1)

Adrenaline and Anxiety: Is It Bad?

I used to believe that my anxiety was a sign of something being wrong with me. The constant surge of adrenaline made me feel broken and I saw it as such a negative thing. This made it difficult for me to accept my anxiety and be present in the moment with it - let me share with you what I know now about the release of adrenaline in our bodies...

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