Are We Making It More Difficult?

Are We making it more difficult blog

Exploring The Three Principles with Sarie Taylor

I recently did a reel on social media which was talking about how we over complicate mental health, and that this can be quite a controversial statement to be making.

I get it.

As a trained psychotherapist, and also having trained in lots of other areas, I can see how we end up training in traditional psychology and are passionate and have belief in what we are doing -  otherwise we wouldn’t do it!

However, for me there was a catch.

The catch was that no matter how many theories I studied, how many times I went over my past, processed ‘stuff’ and continued to try, I still ended up highly anxious, burnt-out and feeling like surely life shouldn’t be THIS difficult. 

Why am I telling you this?

Well I have decided that in the most loving and compassionate way I am going to be more vocal about the fact that recovery is way simpler than we realise.

I am also sharing this because I hear so many people being told that they must do this new therapy or that new treatment, or 6 months of this and that in order to feel better.
Now I am also not saying that doing these things won't make you feel better - ultimately it will be your own experience and version of it - so who knows how you will feel?! And if you did feel good, then keep doing it!

However, follow your gut and if something feels like really hard work, and you don’t feel any relief or benefit its OK to stop.

Healing is not about torturing ourselves, its the opposite.

Healing is about truly seeing that we were never broken in the first place, we just ‘thought’ we were. 

The Three Principles (by Syd Banks) that I share and coach is not another strategy.

This is not about saying this is a technique that is better than all the others, or the gold standard of therapy. The Three Principles approach is simply a description of what it means to be human.

Seeing that in its full beautiful glory reduced my fear of my feelings, and guided me to listen to my wisdom and have so many insights that has been life changing for me, those around me and those I support as clients and members.

Saying that recovery is simpler than we realise is not about discounting peoples experience; that month I spent in a mental institute was not a walk in the park.

Not to mention the years after that of trying to fix myself.

But I can still say with absolute confidence that we are not destined to suffer, we can experience everything in life with more ease when we understand more.

If  you want to hear more about it and your gut tells you to have a listen, then you can access my free 1 hour CPD session here.
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Are we overcomplicating mental health? 

The continuous spiral of talking about mental illness and neglecting to discuss mental health that’s within us all! 

Finding herself in a mental hospital for a month aged 22, her worst fears of going crazy had come true! Sarie truly believed she was broken for many years, and now sees that this was in part due to massively over complicating what it meant be a human being. After a long period of exploring and training as a psychotherapist, still burning out every 18 months for another ten years, Sarie finally found the answer, and now shares the surprising simplicity of it all to help others get the same relief. 

Sarie has trained as a transactional analysis psychotherapist, as well as working and training in many other therapeutic disciplines, such as NLP, CBT, DBT and hypnotherapy. Sarie is also an author, celebrity coach and therapist, working with thousands of people a year, of all ages, all over the world. Her main aim is to help them really see the simplicity and beauty behind human nature, getting out of their heads and into their lives, being able to see that the inside out nature of life really is a gift. This removes limitations and stories they may hold about themselves, and as a result finding an ease and contentment in life they often never knew was possible. 
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